Advanced health insurance module that provides complete solution to manage diverse operations from Policy Underwriting to Claim processing with ease and effectiveness.

Equipped with all latest technologies, the system enables faster and robust communication with Providers (Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies etc.), Policy holders, brokers, and members using Online Portals, Mobile Apps and APIs. Advanced reporting with a diligent way to handle huge volumes of data.

Customized Policy Underwriting:
Available for group and individual medical product. The module can deal with huge member uploads.

Seamless Claims Provisioning:
Registration, Processing and Tracking of Direct Billing and Reimbursement Claims.

Adjudication Engine:
Inbuilt Adjudication rules for policy and clinical adjudication leading to effective claim processing

Fraudulent Flagging :
Inbuilt flagging rules for detecting fraud in claims and flagging them for processor review.

Faster submission using provider portals and web services.

Pharmacy Benefit Management:
Interface for Pharmacy pre-approvals clinical adjudication.

Pre-approval Automation Engine:
Automating the pre-approvals based on pre-defined rules.

Provider Management:
Facilitates maintenance of provider’s data i.e. branches, price list, doctors, and facilities.

Policy Limit Utilization:
Is auto managed by the system and the same is available for reference to each member.

Card Printing:
With options for hard and soft copies of medical cards.

Provider Portal

  • MDS (Minimum Data Set) uploading facility for Direct Billing Claims.
  • Pre-Authorizations
  • Clinic Management to manage price list, doctors, and facilities.
  • Member eligibility check

Corporate Portal

  • Complete Policy View with member level details.
  • Raise Member addition/deletion requests
  • Claims Registration and Tracking
  • Printing Temp. card and Medical certificate.
  • Exhaustive Provider search

Member Portal

  • Claims Registration and Tracking
  • Exhaustive Provider search
  • Profile update
  • Print Temporary card and Medical certificate

Tailor-made packages of comprehensive products designed to help corporate clients to achieve their corporate goals in today’s fast changing business.

The Life Insurance module addresses products like group life, individual life, critical illness plans, family guard and credit life. It supports various credit life schemes pertaining to personal loans, mortgage loans, vehicle loans and credit cards.

Customizable individual product building, where new products like micro insurance, individual insurance, bank assurance can be easily configured

Our specialized services includegroup employee benefits, credit life solutions

Premium installment payment functionality which can also be customized for individual lines of business.

Generate management information reports on timely basis. The high quality reports facilitate management / underwriter decision making.

Seamless claims provisioning for settlements against different reserves, whether partial, part and final, or full and final settlements.

Single page dashboard viewof all transactions, including: policy, endorsement history, claims allocations, reinsurance policy, reinsurance treaty setup and accounting entries.


User friendly module that is seamlessly integrated with underwriting, claims, reinsurance, accounting and document management functionalities

Quotation enquiry log
Claim Intimation log
Customer claim experience
Policies due for renewal

Anoud + IFRS 17 Engine was designed by one of the BIG 4 companies and developed using the latest technology stack. The Module is ready to support your IFRS 17 reporting and compliance needs

IFRS 17 module includes

IFRS 17 Dashboard
Visual Representation of Statement of financial position and Statement of Comprehensive income.

IFRS 17 Data Bridge
Data validations to ensure data integrity.

IFRS 17 Calc Engine
Performs IFRS 17 calculation to produce IFRS 17 Subledger and Trial balance.

IFRS 17 Reporting
Produce IFRS 17 Disclosures and Financial statements.


Key features of Anoud+ IFRS 17


Data Uploads and Validation:

    • Insurance and Reinsurance excel data uploads
    • Data upload of yield curves and exchange rates
    • Data check validations

Accounting Policy choices:

Option to choose company specific IFRS17 accounting policy.

Measurement models:

General Measurement Approach – GMM:

  • Calculates contractual service margin (CSM)
  • Pre recognition cash flow release
  • Amortizes acquisition cashflows
  • Availability of simplified risk adjustment approach

Premium Allocation Approach – PAA:

  • Process cashbacks
  • Track premium debtors separately

Variable Fee Approach – VFA:

    • Process linked and unlinked cash flows

Subledger &Trial Balance:

IFRS 17 Engine generates subledger and trial balance for reconciliation and validation of results

IFRS 17 Reporting:

  • IFRS 17 Disclosure master and roll forward reconciliation reports
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of  Comprehensive income

Smart Reports:

Smart report features provide an option for the users to generate Adhoc reports based on their need


Other features:

Flexible reporting periods including monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually
Multi-Currency Set Up by company and divisions
Multi batch processing for the same reporting period and different insurance/reinsurance datasets

HRMS is a comprehensive software that integrates core and strategic HR functions into one solution.

HRMS modules includes
  • Equinox – Employee self-service portal & Corporate content management system
  • Payroll – Employee benefits and management

Key features of Equinox:

Corporate Content Management
  • Latest News
  • Management circulars, Newsletters
  • Newspapers, Opinion polls etc.
  • Photo / Video gallery
  • Employees / Upcoming birthdays / New joiners

HR Requests with workflows (Ex. Leaves, Business trips etc.,)

Printing of the Payslips

Tracking of time & Attendance

Leave balances & List of holidays

HR Helpdesk Ticketing system


Key features of Payroll:

Defining Grading Structure capture all the relevant employees’ information.

Processing of Employee Loans, Leaves, Ad-hoc transactions, Salary adjustments /advances, Late deductions, Standard Letters

Payroll processing Final settlement processing

Ad-hoc Upload (Air Fare, Bonus etc.,)

Year Closures

WPS Reporting

Gratuity Setup

Finance JV creations

Standard Operational Reporting