KV Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

KV Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer of Anoud Tech. Kumar has over 30 years of experience in technology and insurance industry. He joined QIC Group in 2006 and during his 14 years period, Kumar has spearheaded QIC Group IT & MIS functions and lead on digitalization path. He is a MCA graduate, qualified PMP, CISA from ISACA and CCM.  He was honored with top 100 CIO award by CNME and TahawulTech.com and with legend CIO award in 2019 by Global CIO Forum for recognizing his achievements on the digital transformation in the industry. Prior to joining QIC Group, Kumar was with Orient insurance company in UAE, part of Al-Futtaim group.

Shuja Noorani

Chief Marketing Officer

Shuja Noorani is the Chief Marketing Officer of Anoud Tech. He also serves as the Head of Corporate Development at QIC Group, the ultimate parent of Anoud Tech. Shuja was instrumental in facilitating the strategic collaboration between QIC Group and Swiss Re, and the establishment of Anoud Tech in March 2020. He joined QIC Group in 2013 as SVP, Group Head of Strategy.  He has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Rochester, an M.B.A. in Corporate Finance from Simon Business School in Rochester, New York, and a certificate in Corporate Strategy from IMD International. Prior to joining QIC, Shuja served as a Director in PwC Middle East’s Deals practice and led a Kuwait-based corporate finance advisory team. Previously, he occupied senior level roles in Ernst & Young.

Varun Kumar Mungara

Varun Kumar Mungara

Chief Technology Officer

Varun Kumar  Mungara is a Chief Technology Officer of Anoud Tech. Varun is an engineering graduate with over 14 years of experience in design and development of enterprise level software products and applications. Varun joined QIC Group in 2011 and heading the software development vertical. He is the chief technical architect of designing Anoud+ applications and other supplementary modules. Varun, as head of research and development team at Anoud Tech, has a passion for innovation of new or improved function, and knows the power of technology to support business strategy, strengthen business development opportunities and improve customer service.

Anand Prabhu Selvakumar

Head of System Architecture & Security

Anand is the Head of System Architecture & Security of Anoud Tech. Anand has over 15 years of varied experience in infrastructure, network and security. Anand joined QIC Group in 2008 and established information security management to achieve ISO 27001 for QIC Group. Additionally, Anand is actively involved in cross-functional initiatives within technology and digital transformation in QIC Group. Prior to QIC Group, Anand was with Bank of New York Mellon, in India.

Ashik Abubucker

Ashik Abubucker T

Head of Delivery & Support

Ashik Abubucker T is the Head of Delivery & Support of Anoud Tech. Ashik has 15 years of development, project management and support experience in the insurance industry. He joined QIC Group in 2013 and has successfully managed the implementation of Anoud+ core modules at QIC Group entities. Ashik is actively engaged with business users and playing a key role in enhancing Anoud+ modules and effectively managing the delivery and support activities.