QIC and SwissRe collaboration

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Today, Technology influences businesses like no other dynamic. The role of technology is no longer limited to designing products and services, but extends to delivering them as well.
For emerging-market insurance companies, Anoud Technologies’ well-engineered technology platforms deployed with the right know-how and the latest innovations can facilitate lower operating costs, improved utilization of assets, greater accuracy and faster turnaround times. Above all, it has one result: Improved efficiencies for your business.

Anoud Technologies LLC (Anoud Tech) was established by QIC, the leading insurance group in the Middle East and North Africa region, in close collaboration with Swiss Re, the world’s leading reinsurance company,
with an aim to deliver a best-in-class integrated insurance platform called Anoud+.

Anoud+ is based on cutting-edge tools and has best-in-class functionalities to manage underwriting strategies and monitor exposure to natural catastrophes. Truly integrated insurance platform that fully addresses the insurance lifecycle and facilitates key functions such as finance, administration and human resources.

Anoud+  is tried-and-tested system that has been successfully used by QIC across its global operations for many years. Developed by insurance company (QIC) to address its end-to-end business requirements after several off-the-shelf solutions were evaluated and found lacking.

In Anoud Technologies, you have a reliable insurance technology partner who understands the dynamics of your business and has the experience and expertise to deliver to your needs. A true enabler as you move into a digital world.