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Anoud+ is an integrated insurance IT system developed by Anoud Tech. Anoud+ provides insurers an efficient, comprehensive way to manage all aspects of their insurance programs. It requires little or no additional IT investment thanks to the use of advanced, internet-based technology, and the platform also offers access to cutting-edge reinsurance tools and risk modelling capabilities.

Anoud Tech’s partnership with Swiss Re on the Anoud+ platform, entails the following:

Integration of Swiss Re’s industry leading IT solutions, namely Portfolio Insights® and CatNet®, into Anoud+

Jointly marketing Anoud+ to market insurers in developed and emerging markets alike to help strengthen their operational resilience and accelerate their transition to a digitized business model

Swiss Re will provide advisory services to new clients to support the migration and adoption of the Anoud+ system.

For many emerging market insurers, the costs and know-how needed to keep pace with digitization can be a drag on the operational efficiencies and cost requirements of their business.

With the Anoud+ integrated IT platform, insurers will have immediate access to a proven, market-leading end-to-end insurance platform, including modules for Client Relationship Management, Underwriting, Technical Accounting, Finance, Policy and Claims Management, Workflow and Document Management, Business Intelligence / Reporting, Data Analytics and Reinsurance Administration. Swiss Re’s cutting-edge insurance solutions, Portfolio Insights® and CatNet® are fully integrated into Anoud+ and will help insurance companies oversee and manage underwriting strategy and monitor exposure to natural catastrophes.

Anoud+ is based on cutting-edge tools and has specialized offerings to help insurance providers oversee and manage underwriting strategies and monitor exposure to natural catastrophes. With Anoud+, insurance providers can efficiently and comprehensively manage all aspects of their insurance programs. Anoud+ is the only insurance IT platform that has been endorsed by Swiss Re based on their deep dive reviews of systems at over 200 leading insurance companies across the world.

Anoud+ can support many nations with a single installation. Whenever regulators permit such single-instance installations, we have seen our clients using them in different nations. Both on-premises and cloud-hosted versions of Anoud+ are available.

Our solution is a last-mile product, but depending on the needs, it has the ability to integrate with third-party apps. The open platform and cutting-edge technologies used in the development and design of Anoud+ make integration possible in a variety of customizable ways.

Anoud+ is an end-to-end insurance software that provides customer relationship management, underwriting, technical accounting, finance, management of policies and claims, workflow and document management, business intelligence / reporting, data analytics, and reinsurance administration. Customers can pick and choose the offerings that are appropriate for their company. The desired feature set determines how much Anoud+ will cost. To schedule a demo, respond to our RFI / pre-proposal questionnaire and get the precise cost. Please contact us right away.

We developed Anoud+ to make it simple for you to secure client data since we recognise how important it is to your company. Users can be added, deleted, or modified, and access to your modules can be controlled.

The time to implementation depends on the scale of complexity of our client and their selection of the Anoud+ modules. Our simple 6-phase Agile® implementation process ensures that Anoud+ is live within our Client’s environment in line expectations.

Yes, we do provide support post-deployment under the warranty support model, and on-demand annual maintenance services.

A decent CRM solution for insurance companies should be adaptable, scalable, able to manage leads, enhance workflows, and increase client retention rate while not breaking the bank. An add-on solution called Anoud+ CRM was created with all of this in mind. Today, ask for a demo to learn more.