Intelligent, web-based module that deploys cutting edge technological tools for personal / retail insurance lines of business.

The Personal Insurance module caters to a broad range of LOBs, including, motor, home, travel, personal accident, yatch and SME insurance.

Multivariate motor insurance tariff engine to compute premiums for basic, mandatory and optional coverage.

Automated and customizable email and text messages which can either be transmitted to select customers or sent in bulk to existing and / or prospective clients.

Premium installment payment functionality which can also be customized for individual lines of business.

Seamless data transfer to insurance regulators , which can also be automated and also carried out on real time basis based on insurer requirement

Web services for each underwriting process.

Easy and fast product / insurance offering placement

Customizable product bundling For example, motor insurance bundled with home insurance, or travel insurance bundled with smartphone handset insurance.

Generate management information reports on timely basis. The high quality reports facilitate management / underwriter decision making.

Customized web application for select high-value customers gives a feeling that they are purchasing insurance in the native company website.

Online premium payment Further, customers can earn and redeem reward points from company’s loyalty membership schemes or schemes by partners

Automated tax computation engine.

Spare parts image processing  and history: Surveyor can select the spare parts from images and verify quotations. Spare part pricing data is used for future claims.

Auto depreciation and excess during auto claim process: Depreciation and deductions based on excess stipulations in policy are automatically computed within the motor claims process based on policy wordings.

Smart email alerts: Smart emails welcome the managers daily. Application is triggering year to date, month to date and daily productions to manager’s inbox.

User friendly module that is seamlessly integrated with underwriting, claims, reinsurance, accounting and document management functionalities.

The Corporate Insurance module addresses a broad range of commercial lines of business, including; property and casualty, marine (hull and cargo), energy, liability and other miscellaneous categories

Use Google Maps enabled location finder to locate underwritten risks and simplify underwriting. The location tagging functionality works with multi risk policies, and seamlessly integrates with the Reinsurance Module, and enables the automation of outward reinsurance allocations. Ultimately, this functionality enables underwriters to effectively manage and oversee risks

Manage reinsurance treaty limits at peril and risk class levels with a smart treaty allocation engine. The outward reinsurance functionality enables the allocation and validation of treaty limits, and flags up any excess from the very stage of the quotation.

Seamless claims provisioning for settlements against different reserves, whether partial, part and final, or full and final settlements.

Single page dashboard view of all transactions, including: policy, endorsement history, claims allocations, reinsurance policy, reinsurance treaty setup and
accounting entries.

Intelligent search engine that allows a timely capture of broad range of information, including quotations, claims, policy details and reinsurance.


User friendly module that is seamlessly integrated with underwriting, claims, reinsurance, accounting and document management functionalities

Quotation enquiry log
Claim Intimation log
Customer claim experience
Policies due for renewal

Our CRM module gives you an end-to-end view of individual customer journeys, and enables the user to track progress at every step of the way.

Provides a 360º digital view of customer activities such as policy purchases, claims, and complaints, and telephone calls (incoming, outgoing, missed).

Automatic task allocations pull data from Anoud Personal Insurance, and creates tasks, with allocations defined by the business rule master.

Analysis with real-time client dashboards, a performance review dashboard, which includes: call log analysis, KPI related task analysis, revenue generation, SAAMS emails with peak time analysis and lead conversion analysis.

Marketing module which enables smart email composition, data import and segmentation, mail scheduling, AB testing, new segment building, and has the ability to interface with customers through a broad range of touch points.

Tracking customer journeys seamlessly to ensure timely and appropriate reactions to customer needs and actions.

Reports on all customer relationship management parameters including correspondences sent, clicks, conversion rates, subscription / unsubscription and others.


Cisco Telephone Systems
Chatbot, transferrable to       human interface
WhatsApp business
Microsoft Outlook
Third Party leads through API

For data analysis and reporting, integrated data mart has been built with consolidated data.

An integrated solution to transactional policy and claims data into the data mart on a daily incremental schedule.
Interactive dashboards cater to C-suite, underwriting, claims and reinsurance department users for informed decisions.
Dashboards allow a deep-dive analysis of premium, claims and year-on-year performance, with the ability to analyze data based on company, product, business class, top brokers or customers, etc. So you get reports based on your needs.

CatNet ®

Swiss Re offers clients a range of  proprietary geo risk tools specifically designed to provide swift overview and assessments of natural hazard exposure worldwide.

Portfolio Insights

Our Portfolio Insights platform provides clear and intuitive statistical information on your portfolio with dynamic drill down functionality. In a single view you can gain insights on underlying loss drivers, frequency and severity trends, and enhance your underwriting strategy through the integration of external data.

Accounting module that is tailored for insurance companies and includes functionalities such as ledger, accounts receivable (debtors), accounts payable (creditors) and fixed assets

The Finance and Controls module addresses the accounting needs of a variety of corporate set ups, including; multiple subsidiaries, separate lines of business and multiple currency transactions.

Visually interactive dashboards that help analyze transactions, review employee productivity, see individual customer life time business, obtain department wise details, and access financial data for general ledger, trial balances, balance sheet, income statements and expenses.

An operational report suite provides key reports of general ledger, sub ledger, main account trial balances, sub account trial balances, outstanding statements, debtor/creditor aging analysis. Reports can be downloaded in MS Excel or pdf formats. Reports are also customizable.

The Document Management System and Integrated Workflow Module lets you automate the transfer of outstanding statement reports to customers, without any human intervention.

A powerful search engine allows users to search specific voucher no., current/previous year documents. Users can search by policy no/claim no/assured name, customer, date range or even the type of transaction

Monthly currency revaluation and translation process with the option to upload vouchers through Excel and API, and Email facility to schedule the reports.

Built-in UNSC block list customer validation.Easy to use and configurable ad hoc reporting engine that meets certified security standards. Open and close accounting periods to bring monthly closure discipline, and download results into MS Excel.